Christopher Boykin steals man’s 2007 Mercury while he’s paying for gas

24-year-old Christopher Boykin was involved in the carjacking of a 2007 Mercury on December 13th, 2023. The victim informed law enforcement they were giving Boykin and two others a ride. When the victim stopped to get gas, he went inside to pay the attendant and saw the vehicle swerve off while he was inside. The next day, his car was found abandoned by Metro Nashville Police. The victim, the registered owner of the 2007 Mercury, stated that a red iPhone 12 was missing from the vehicle, as well as various DeWalt tools. On the same day the car was stolen, Boykin sold an iPhone 12 to an EcoATM in Nashville. Christopher Boykin was taken into custody and charged with theft of a motor vehicle and theft of property.

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