Christopher Knauss strangles wife during argument over cheating allegations

28-year-old Christopher Knauss was involved in a domestic dispute with his wife, Victoria Knauss, at their Francesca Drive residence on March 7th. Officers made contact with Christopher at the mentioned location. Christopher stated that the altercation started when he and Victoria got into an argument over cheating allegations. Christopher said he did not want Victoria to leave with their 7-month-old child. Shortly after, Christopher showed officers scratch marks on his neck, arm, and leg. Victoria interjected and stated that all of the marks on Christopher came from the tussle over the baby’s bag. Victoria informed officers that Christopher prevented her from leaving by grabbing the bag and blocking the door. Christopher made his way up the stairs, but Victoria still had her hand on the bag, so she was dragged along. Before Victoria was let out of the house, she was strangled for a few seconds by Christopher, leaving red marks under her neck. Due to in-home surveillance footage, Christopher was deemed the primary aggressor. Christopher Knauss was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault.

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