Command Sergeant Major Larry Jarrett charged in late-night DUI on River Road

48-year-old Fort Campbell Command Sergeant Major Larry Fred Jarrett was jailed in the early hours of Friday morning on charges of driving under the influence and refusing to submit to testing/implied consent law. Deputy Ryan Foster says he observed Jarrett’s vehicle with no rear lights as it traveled on River Road. He conducted a traffic stop during which Jarrett fumbled with basic tasks, forgot what he was retrieving when asked for his identification, and gave incoherent answers to questions.

He claimed he was “almost at a friend’s house” at the time of the stop but was unable to give any information about the friend, the address, or the road he was on. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was transported to booking. The deputy noted Jarrett had an out-of-state DUI approximately ten years ago.

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