Corey Johnson charged in roommate rumble over late-night TV & gaming

18-year-old Corey William Johnson and Luis Garcia Paz are roommates, and in the early hours of Friday morning, Clarksville Police responded to their Audrea Lane home, where the two were having a domestic spat. Paz stated he had asked Johnson to turn off his TV at 10 p.m. as the two had agreed on when Johnson moved in a month prior. Johnson refused, and Paz turned off the TV in Johnson’s bedroom. Johnson got out of bed and approached Paz aggressively. Afraid of being hurt, Paz pushed him back onto the bed and held him down.

Johnson says Paz entered the room and unplugged his gaming console after demanding he turn off the TV. He says Paz pinned him to the bed and held onto the side of his neck. Johnson was determined to be the primary aggressor.

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