Cassandra May charged in assault of boyfriend, Dalton Duckett

24-year-old Cassandra May was jailed on April 12th after an argument turned violent with her boyfriend at their home on Connemara Way. Police spoke with May, who said that during the argument, Dalton Duckett leaned over her while she was sitting in a chair and yelled at her, so she slapped him in the face. After the slap, he reportedly pushed her so hard that the chair flipped over. Dalton told the police that he pushed her to get away.

May then called the police, got in her parent’s car, and started to drive out of the driveway when Dalton reached into the car and turned it off. May bit him on his shoulder when he reached into the car. Police could see the bite mark and scratches on his body. Dalton told police he turned the car off because he didn’t want May driving while she was upset. May gave up, moved the vehicle onto the side of the road, and waited for the police to arrive. Police determined she was the primary aggressor due to Dalton’s injuries, and she was transported to booking.

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