Soldier Daniel Jinks has his mom on phone to tell police he will be running from them

23-year-old Daniel Jinks reportedly became upset with his girlfriend, Grace Pettway, in March and began to destroy things in her home, even breaking her dresser. As he was leaving, she demanded his key back, and she says he balled his fist up as if to punch her, and she jumped back. He then threw the key at her and fled the home as she called the police.

Police reached the soldier by phone and asked him to return and speak to them about the situation. He stated he would just leave for Pennsylvania to escape the situation, would not speak to the police, and disconnected the call. Jinks then called his mother, and together they called the officer, and he stated he was leaving for Pennsylvania. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and he was booked on that warrant this week.

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