David Ray Knudson jailed on DUI charge in Clarksville

51-year-old David Ray Knudson was jailed on August 16th after his girlfriend, Vania Zydel, reported he was possibly drunk and texting her that he was suicidal. Deputies had previously looked for Knudson for making suicidal statements, but his whereabouts were unknown. Ms. Zydel explained that her boyfriend was probably outside of her house on Holland Drive in his tan GMC. As police approached Ms. Zydel’s residence, they observed a tan GMC pass them on Rollow Lane, going towards Dunlop. The officers followed the truck and noticed it swerve several times. A traffic stop was initiated, and Knudson admitted to being drunk and driving. He consented to field sobriety tests, performed poorly, and was taken into custody.

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