Del Powers pulls a pistol on neighbor during dispute over property line

58-year-old Del Powers was jailed on April 1st for allegedly threatening to shoot his neighbor after an argument about their property line on Sawmill Road. Mr. Powers told police that there had been some dispute about the property line with his neighbor Mr. John Kieselbach. Powers said that his neighbor got into his face and he shoved him back. That’s when Kieselbach punched Powers in the face, knocking him back a few steps. Powers said that his friend Gary Hall was with him, and after getting punched in the face, he gave him his pistol to keep away from him. Mr. Kieselbach told police that Powers pulled out his pistol and told him he was going to shoot him and his son but then gave the pistol to Mr. Hall and said take this before I shoot him and his son. Mr. Kieselbach’s teenage son corroborated his father’s statement.

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