Demarrio Borum assaults girlfriend, grabs officer’s taser during altercation

23-year-old Demarrio Borum, an employee of Sanderson Pike, had an altercation with his girlfriend, Ms. Patterson, at his Trenton Village apartment on January 28th. Patterson spoke with officers when they arrived, advising them that Borum pushed her down onto her bed, placed his hand on the base of her neck, and choked her. Patterson said Borum let go, and she went to the living room to gather her belongings. Borum then pushed her onto the couch. Patterson said she left the apartment when Borum told her to. Officers deemed Borum as the primary aggressor and went to detain him. When detaining Borum, he pulled away, so officers brought him to the ground. While on the ground, Borum grabbed an officer’s taser, pulled on it, and broke the cartridge. The estimated value of the cartridge is $100.00. Borum was taken into custody for aggravated domestic assault, assault against a first responder, resisting arrest, and vandalism.

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