Dequarius McGlathery points gun at mother during argument in White Castle parking lot

24-year-old Dequarius McGlathery was involved in an altercation with his mother, Ebony Collins, in the White Castle parking lot on Wilma Rudolph Boulevard on May 28th. While law enforcement was making their way to the mentioned location, the person who called in the incident stated that McGlathery had his mother in a chokehold. When officers came into contact with Collins, she stated that McGlathery pointed a gun at her while she was standing outside of his car. Collins told officers that during an argument they were having in the parking lot, McGlathery wrapped his arm around her neck and dragged her to the car. Law enforcement was provided surveillance footage of the incident playing out, but the footage of the gun being pointed was unclear. However, during a search of McGlathery’s car, officers found a black pistol. Dequarius McGlathery was taken into custody and charged with aggravated domestic assault.

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