Dexter Stephen jailed for $14,000 in home improvement fraud

57-year-old Dexter Stephen and his coworkers were caught scamming one of their customers on November 20. His customer, Mr.Harworth, signed a contract with them for $26,000 to repair his house on Denny Road that was damaged in a fire. It was supposed to be done on July 31, but that day came, and there was little to no progress. Later on, Harworth, via his cameras, was able to catch on that Stephen and his crew were showing up for a couple of hours and then leaving or not showing up at all. Harthworth later texted Stephen that he wanted all the building materials they bought and the invoices for them. Stephen acknowledged the text that Harworth sent but refused to return any future messages that he sent. Harworth told law enforcement that Stephen only did about $12,000 worth of work and that Stephen owed him another $14,000. Stephen was taken into custody and charged with home improvement fraud.

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