Tyrone White pulls butcher knife on girlfriend

21-year-old Tyrone White was involved in a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Diasha Smith, at their shared Bristol Ridge apartment on February 25th. When officers arrived regarding a complaint, they came into contact with Smith, who informed them about an argument with White over her doing his hair. After the argument, they were in the hallway and bumped into each other, and White pushed her. Smith proceeded to pace around the apartment, crying and screaming while White tried to hush her. White told her to be quiet before he hit her again. Smith walked into the bedroom to sit down, and another altercation occurred where he hit her two more times. Smith ran to the kitchen to find a knife to defend herself, but White blocked the drawer and pulled a butcher knife. White then pretended to cut her, causing her to scream. While she was screaming, White told her to be quiet, but she continued, prompting him to grab her from behind and strangle her to the point that she passed out.

When she passed out, White dragged her to the bedroom, where he locked the door and refused to let her out. White proceeds to tell Smith that he is going to do something to her family if she ever calls the police. Smith is able to make it into the living room, but White is right behind her and makes it to the front door before her. She grabs her belongings and asks him to move, to which he complies. Once Smith was outside, she began knocking on nearby doors. White begged her to stop knocking and told her he would take her home. Smith agreed and sat on the stairs next to the apartment. Once White went inside to get dressed, Smith went to the floor above theirs and knocked on other doors until one neighbor answered. The neighbor let her in and called 911 for her. Smith was transported to Sango ER due to a swollen right eye and possible jaw injury. Tyrone White was taken into custody and charged with aggravated domestic assault.

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