Dillion Broadhead caught with 38 grams of marijuana

19-year-old Dillion Broadhead was seen in a gray Jeep Patriot speeding by officers at the Cumberland Heights Road and Zinc Plant Road intersection on February 15th. Officers observed making a left at Cumberland Heights Road at a high rate of speed without a functioning tag light. A traffic stop was attempted, but a pursuit ensued when Broadhead gained more speed and took off. During the chase, Broadhead was spiked and came to a halt at the Villiage Liquors liquor store, where he and the juvenile driver fled on foot but were located shortly after. A probable cause search of the vehicle yielded a bag containing 38 grams of marijuana. Later, during an interview, Broadhead admitted that he knew the driver was a runaway but didn’t report it and stated his knowing was the reason for driving away. Dillion Broadhead was taken into custody and charged with resisting arrest, possession of drugs, and harboring a runaway child.

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