Dimitri Cardona assaults girlfriend; she was upset he texted another woman

29-year-old Dimitri Cardona was arrested for domestic assault on October 2nd. Officers arrived and spoke with Nicole Haedad, Cardona’s girlfriend, who stated that she and Cardona were having a verbal argument that turned physical. Haedad stated Cardona became irate and started yelling after she confronted him about texting another woman. She told officers that when she tried to leave the room, Cardona told her to leave the house and followed her around his home before pushing her into the foyer onto the stairs. Officers noticed abrasions on her right shoulder and red, irritated skin on her left elbow. When officers spoke with Cardona, he stated he and Haedad were arguing, and when she started speaking too loudly, he was trying to grab her to get her out of the house. Cardona admitted to pushing Haedad once he was able to grab her.

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