Dominique Andrews punches ex-boyfriend over argument about suitcase

25-year-old Dominique Andrews was involved in a domestic altercation with her ex-boyfriend, Ty Ree Townsend, at her home on Parkway Place on March 9th. Townsend informed officers that he went there to pack up the rest of his items from Andrews’s home. He stated that while he did so, Andrews argued with him about the ownership of a suitcase. Townsend advised that Andrews got upset and punched him in the head and grabbed him by the hoodie.

Officers then came into contact with Andrews, who stated that Townsend was putting items in her suitcase, so she tried to get it back. Andrews admitted that she slapped Townsend but did not punch him. She also alleged that Townsend punched her away from the suitcase, which she says is the reason she grabbed his hoodie.

Law enforcement deemed Dominique Andrews as the primary aggressor, and she was taken into custody for domestic assault.

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