Donnell Winn lets child he’s babysitting walk away for hours

20-year-old Donnell Winn was booked on June 20th after neglectfully allowing a twenty-three-month-old child that was in his care to leave his residence and wander around outside an apartment complex on Needmore Road. A neighbor was on her way to work and found the child knocking on the door and playing in the street, so she took the child to another neighbor due to her being known to babysit children in the complex. Officers exhausted multiple efforts to locate the child’s parents by canvassing surrounding buildings, knocking door to door, and sirens and loud hails over the patrol car PA system throughout the complex. But their efforts were unsuccessful, so they reached out to DCS.
Later the child’s father called in, stating that his one-year-old child was missing and that he paid his brother, Mr. Winn, to babysit because he had no other plans for a sitter. When he got home, he asked where his son was, and Mr. Winn told him he didn’t know. Mr. Winn told police that sometime during the morning, his nephew managed to open the door to his apartment and leave.

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