Soldier Drew Mccullough kicks dog, assaults wife during dispute

21-year-old Drew Mccullough was involved in a domestic altercation with his wife, Morgan Mccullough, at Sinclair Drive on December 8th. The dispute started with an argument upstairs in their apartment, and she went downstairs. Drew then went downstairs to continue the argument, which escalated to the point that their dog started barking. Drew then kicked the dog, so she pushed him away from the dog. This led to Drew retaliating by pushing her and raising his arm in a manner that caused Morgan to fear for her safety. She then slapped him shortly after. Drew later stood over her while she was sitting on the couch, and when she attempted to get up, she was pushed back onto the couch. Eventually, he sat beside her, grabbed her arms, and held them down against the couch. When law enforcement arrived, they heard a male yelling inside the apartment. When Drew was being questioned, he said that nothing physical happened at first, but then he stated that some items had been thrown and then finally stated that there was some pushing during the altercation. Drew Mccullough was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

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