Francine Anciso drunkenly punches boyfriend after accusing him of getting back with ex-wife

42-year-old Francine-Lessette Anciso was jailed after assaulting her boyfriend at their home on Northwood Terrace. Rachod Mildton told officers that on December 21st, Francine was drunk and accused him of trying to get back with his ex-wife. During the argument, Francine punched him in the face. Rachod restrained her at that point by grabbing both her arms and escorting her to the living room, where he left her on the couch. Shortly after, Francine went back into Rachod’s room, started hitting him in the face and stomach, and began strangling him. She also destroyed his cell phone when she threw it in the toilet. Officers observed several abrasions to Rachod’s face and abdomen. Officers spoke with Francine on the phone a few days later. She stated she was drunk and couldn’t remember what happened. When asked if she assaulted her boyfriend, she stated “probably” but wouldn’t elaborate. She stated she had several bruises from that night but couldn’t say how she acquired them. Francine Anciso was charged with aggravated assault and vandalism on December 26th.

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