Jacki Lorenzen harasses baby-daddy, sends numerous texts via CashApp

34-year-old Jacki Lorenzen was booked on two separate warrants on November 21st. The first warrant was from August 28th when her children’s father, Mr. Ashanti Forney, reported that he had an order of protection against Jacki, but she still tried to contact him despite him telling her not to. Jacki had been sending text messages to Mr. Forney from different numbers and even contacted his brother to get ahold of him.

The second warrant was from November 25th, when Lorenzen violated the order of protection again after using Cashapp to send messages to Mr. Forney. Jacki sent multiple transfers to him for 10 minutes straight. With each transfer, she would utilize the option to attach a message. The messages ranged from casual conversations to conversations asking about their children.

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