Jacob Frazier bites girlfriend after she pulls hair out of his head, then drags her by throat, per witness

23-year-old Jacob Frazier was jailed on July 13th for assaulting his girlfriend, Bre’Anna Griffin, after an argument. Police responded to Lancaster Road and spoke with Ms. Griffin, who explained that things turned physical when she threatened to call her boyfriend’s mother due to their argument. Frazier then followed her into her bedroom, pulled her phone from her hand, and pushed her onto the bed, where they got into a physical struggle over the phone. Ms. Griffin advised police that during the struggle, she had to pull a piece of hair out of Frazier’s head to get him off of her, and he retaliated by biting her shoulder. Ms. Griffin tried to run to a nearby bathroom, where Frazier followed a second time. While in the bathroom, Frazier grabbed her by the throat and dragged her out before slamming her onto the floor, where they entered a second struggle on the floor until she was able to escape and call 911. Police also spoke with her sister, Brittany Griffin, who stated she observed the entire altercation from beginning to end.

According to Frazier, Ms. Griifin threw a glass at him before approaching him to physically attack. He claims he had to grab her and push her to get her off of him. He was adamant that he did not physically assault her and only flipped over a desk on his way out of the bedroom. Based on statements from all parties, Frazier was determined to be the primary aggressor.

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