Jacob Farley speeds down Highway 374 on revoked license

21-year-old Jacob Farley was seen speeding on Highway 374 on April 13th. Farley was observed by officers who stated that Farley was going 75mph in a 55mph zone. Farley then slowed down when he spotted officers. Officers then conducted a traffic stop on the exit ramp of Highway 374 and Dover Road. As officers introduced themselves, Farley informed them of his DUI that happened in Kentucky, which led to his license being revoked on March 5th. While officers spoke with Farley, they noticed an open case of Modelo beer that was open with several drinks inside. Farley was then asked to exit the vehicle, and as officers searched the vehicle, they noticed an open Modelo Container and a firearm. Farley was taken into custody for Driving on a suspended license, Speeding, and having an open container of alcohol on April 14th. 

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