Jamarre Burnett charged with DUI after leaving N’Quire nightclub in Clarksville

22-year-old Jamarre Burnett was found asleep in a vehicle stopped in the middle of Ft. Campbell Blvd. outside Taco Johns on July 16th. CPD Officer Gonzalez responded and found Jamarre asleep, and woke him up by knocking on the driver’s side window. He was asked to step out of the car, Officer Gonzalez noted that he smelled strongly of alcohol and marijuana, and asked if he had been drinking. Jamarre stated that he had not been drinking and was coming from N’Quire off Riverside Dr. Officer Gonzalez questioned him about the direction he was headed in and stated that he did not know his location. He then performed poorly on a sobriety test and had blood taken at Sango ER before being booked.

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