James Heggie runs over car wash employee during dispute

74-year-old James Horace Heggie was booked on November 8th after intentionally hitting a Take 5 Car Wash employee with his truck on Madison Street. Antonio Rivera advised that he and Heggie had gotten into a verbal dispute in regard to property in the bed of Heggie’s truck while he was trying to go through the car wash. During the dispute, Rivera asked Heggie to leave the property several times. The argument moved from the office to the parking lot near Heggie’s truck. Rivera advised that Heggie then reversed and hit him with his truck. Heggie told officers he wasn’t aware that Rivera was behind his truck. He thought he had walked off and believed Rivera intentionally got behind the truck to be hit. Video surveillance showed Heggie getting into his truck, looking up, observing Rivera behind the vehicle, and proceeding to back up. Heggie was placed into custody for aggravated assault.

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