Jasmina Mahoney bites child’s father; smashes TV & vase with hammer

27-year-old Jasmina Mahoney was jailed on August 1st for assaulting the father of her child at his home on Professional Park Drive. Natravian Landry told police that Mahoney and his girlfriend had gotten into an altercation over their child. During the altercation, Mahoney threw a vase at Landry’s TV. The vase broke, and the TV was damaged. Mahoney then got a hammer and threatened to destroy the TV. Landry tried grabbing the hammer, but Mahoney bit his wrist and scratched his arm. All of this happened while Landry was holding their 3-month-old daughter. Mahoney then took the child and left before the police arrived. Landry didn’t want to provide a written statement, told police he didn’t feel assaulted and was not in fear for his safety. He tried to contact Mahoney but was unable to.

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