Jerry Saunders attempts to evade arrest, hides behind building

28-year-old Jerry Saunders was seen evading arrest at Nolan Road on November 29th. Officers received a report that there was a domestic altercation occurring at Saunders’s home. When they made contact with Saunders, they noticed that he smelled of marijuana and that there wasn’t anyone else in the area. But when officers attempted to search Saunders, he tried to run away and hide behind the building. After a short chase, officers were able to detain Saunders. Officers followed Saunders’s escape route and found a Model 200 .38 Caliber Revolver behind the building. During the arrest, Saunders was found with a holster on his right pocket matching the dimensions of the revolver. Saunders was taken into custody and charged with unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon and evading arrest.

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