E-5 Jesus Salcido-Villar charged with DUI after Tiny Town Road traffic stop

22-year-old Ft. Campbell E-5 Seargeant Jesus Salcido-Villar was driving on Tiny Town Rd. with an inoperable headlight in the wee hours of September 30th. THP Trooper Hickmon initiated a traffic stop on a gray Dodge Ram with a driver’s side headlight out and observed Salcido-Vallar visibly intoxicated as he approached the driver’s side. Salcido-Vallar initially denied consuming any alcohol, then consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. Salcido-Vallar fell asleep in the patrol car shortly after being taken into custody for his second driving under the influence offense, driving on a revoked license, and violation of the implied consent law.

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