John Gunn drunkenly wanders into stranger’s backyard

59-year-old John Gunn was seen visibly intoxicated at the intersection of Maxwell Drive and Memorial Drive on November 24th. Law enforcement received a call from an Uber driver who told them he had picked up his passenger, John Gunn, on Essex Drive. He reported that when he picked him up, Gunn appeared intoxicated and, during the ride, yelled out, “Let Me Out!” The Uber driver proceeded to let Gunn out at the intersection of Memorial Drive and Maxwell Drive and observed him walking toward a house that was not his. When officers arrived at Memorial Drive, Gunn was in the backyard of the residence, clearly inebriated. While questioning him, Gunn seemed disoriented and needed clarification about which residence he was at. Law enforcement deemed Gunn to be a danger to himself and others. Gunn was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

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