Jonathan Rosado-Mendez hides in bathroom after assaulting his wife

27-year-old Jonathan Rosado-Mendez was talking to his wife, Marissa Rosado, at their home on Kathleen Court on November 19th when he became combative. Jonathan was inside the master bathroom when Marissa told him to get out so she could get ready for work. This enraged Jonathan, so he followed Marissa once she had conceded the master bathroom and moved to a different bathroom. He began to grab her by her arm and hair, swinging her around the hallway, causing red markings on her arms. Jonathan also attempted to push her down the flight of stairs, yelling at her to get out of his house.

Marissa was able to separate herself from Jonathan to prepare for work, but Jonathan again followed her, grabbed her by her shirt and hair, and threw her all over the room. Marissa found a way to get away from him again and told Jonathan that she was calling the police. Jonathan locked himself in the master bedroom until authorities arrived to assist. Rosado-Mendez was taken into custody and charged with domestic violence.

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