Jorge Sola threatens to beat his roommate, Jason Danner, with a baseball bat

40-year-old Jorge Sola was jailed on March 23rd after threatening to “beat his roommate’s ass” with a baseball bat. Police responded to Dale Terrace and spoke with roommate Jason Danner, who told them that Sola had been in a bad mood all day because of a disagreement they had. Throughout the day, Sola would grab his bat and walk around the house with it, making verbal threats. Danner showed police video footage of this and of Sola breaking two of the cameras that were set up in the home with the bat.

Sola was seen on video outside of Danner’s room, yelling at him while gripping the bat. Danner told police that Sola was threatening to “beat his ass with the bat” at that time. Sola denied the whole incident even after telling him that he was caught on video. Sola told police he was just trying to turn the cameras off using the bat and didn’t intend to break them.

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