Joshua Butler assaults wife, who climbs through doggie door to save daughter

37-year-old Joshua Butler was arrested after allegedly assaulting his daughter and throwing his wife down the stairs after she climbed through a doggie door on Mar 5th. Butler explained that the argument between him and his wife, Rhonda Butler started after leaving The Beer Box. Butler tells officers that nothing physical happened. Then proceeds to say the most physical thing that happened was him grabbing his 15-year-old daughter and setting her on the floor to keep her from hitting him.

Rhonda, his wife, told police she was locked out of the house by her husband and heard him and their daughter arguing, so she snuck through the dog door at the back of the house. When Mr. Butler saw her, he grabbed her and threw her down the stairs. Their minor daughter stated that while trying to help her mother, Mr. Butler pushed her, grabbed her, and held her down. She said that she grabbed the refrigerator door when she was pushed to try to stay on her feet. Police observed the refrigerator was moved against a countertop.

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