Keila Ruiz Sillas charged in assault of mother during argument about money

23-year-old Keila Ruiz Sillas was booked on August 29th after trying to fight her mother at their home on Hilldale Lane. Maria Del Rosario Sillas Lopez told police that she and her daughter had gotten into a heated argument regarding a credit card bill. According to Maria, her daughter was stressed about money and tried to grab her purse, which started a struggle between the two.

Oscar Sanchez Casero stated that he jumped between the two during the tussle over the purse and grabbed it to de-escalate the situation. At that point, Keila started attacking her mother by scratching and punching her. Maria claims she fought back in self-defense, but Keila states that it was her mother who initiated the fight when she pushed her to the ground, got on top of her, and scratched and punched her. There was video evidence of the end of the fight. Maria had scratches on her neck and shoulder, and Keila had scratches on her face and arms. Due to the accusations and visible injuries of both parties, both Maria and Keila were placed into custody.

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