Kimberly Jimenez charged with domestic assault of her brother-in-law

24-year-old Kimberly Jimenez was jailed on October 11th after assaulting her brother-in-law on Tiny Town Road. When officers arrived, they spoke with Jovani Blas, who stated he and his wife, Ashley Jimenez, had gotten into an argument at the store, and his sisters-in-law Norma and Kimberly Jimenez came to the house to pick her up. Jovani was taking things out of the car and tossing them to the ground. He then grabbed his child, a year old, and Kimberly grabbed him by the throat and pushed him back. She stated that judging by how Jovani was acting, she was afraid he would throw the child out of the car, and she did what needed to be done to stop him.

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