DUI: Latoshia Vanpelt found passed out drunk in front of McDonald’s

45-year-old Latoshia Vanpelt was jailed on February 17th when police were flagged down at North 2nd Street. A male informed officers that a white vehicle was stopped in front of McDonald’s. Officers pulled behind the car and observed the light turn green. The vehicle did not move despite the light becoming green. Officers approached the car, tapped on the driver’s side window, and found Vanpelt asleep in the driver’s seat. Eventually, Vanpelt opened the door while the vehicle was still in drive, and the vehicle moved forward a few feet. Vanpelt then put the car in park and stated she was getting off from work at Richland Healthcare Center in Nashville. Vanpelt exited her vehicle to perform sobriety tests when officers smelled alcohol coming from her body. Vanpelt performed poorly on sobriety tests and was placed into custody for Driving under the influence.

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