Lawanda Culley pulls daughter’s hair, pushes her against kitchen sink during altercation

On April 8th, 63-year-old Lawanda Culley was involved in a domestic incident with her daughter at her Barney Lane residence. When officers arrived, they spoke with Latasha Collins, Culley’s daughter. Collins stated that she and Culley were in a verbal altercation that turned physical. During their argument, Culley slapped Collins numerous times and proceeded to pull her hair before the two were separated. Officers proceeded to speak with Edward Culley Jr., who stated that Lawanda did swing at Collins to strike her, grab her hair, and push her against the sink. Lawanda later admitted to being the one who initiated the physical altercation. So, officers deemed her to be the primary aggressor, and Lawanda Culley was taken into custody for Domestic assault.

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