Marcus McKinney jailed after crashing into a parked car

39-year-old Marcus McKinney was involved in a car crash at Drayton Drive on January 26th. Law enforcement received a report that a black truck struck a parked car and drove away. When officers arrived at the mentioned location, they observed the black truck still driving around the neighborhood with noticeable damage. Officers made contact with McKinney, who showed clear signs of intoxication and admitted to consuming alcohol. When he was asked to perform field sobriety tests, he refused. He also declined to provide a blood and a breath sample, so a warrant was secured. When officers attempted to execute the warrant for the blood sample at Sango ER, medical staff advised that they would not take a sample if McKinney had to be held down due to safety. Officers then explained to McKinney that if he refused to comply, he would be tampering with evidence and would be charged accordingly. Marcus McKinney was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence, due care, and implied consent.

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