Mark Williams masturbates in front of woman after forcefully groping her genitals

41-year-old Mark Williams was jailed after the victim, Emily Hoverson, reported he had sexually assaulted her while intoxicated at a Winding Bluff Way residence on May 25th. Officers arrived on the scene and spoke with Hoverson, who stated that while she was very drunk at the residence, Williams had groped her breasts and vagina as well as exposed his genitals to her while they were standing in the kitchen. Hoverson told officers that she did not consent to any sexual contact from Williams but also said that she was too intoxicated to remember if he asked for consent or not.

Dominic Chinnis, a witness, told officers that he was in the kitchen when he heard Williams say, “Come on, let’s do it right here,” as he groped in the area of her genitals. Chinis also stated that Williams ignored his presence, pulled out his penis, and began masturbating in front of Hoverson. Chinnis then intervened and escorted Hoverson out of the room.

Officers made contact with Williams at his Eagles Rest Lane residence and noticed he was extremely intoxicated. Williams told officers he was at the scene but received a ride home. Williams also denied any contact with Hoverson, claiming he did not know who she was and didn’t have any sexual contact with anyone at the Winding Bluff Way residence.

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