Clarksville man hid cameras in neighbor’s bathroom & bedroom for four months

36-year-old Matthew Ian Williams faces multiple charges after he placed multiple cameras in his next-door neighbor’s home and watched them over a period of four months. Kristen Cress found the first camera hidden under a dresser drawer on October 25, pointing to an area where she usually gets undressed near the closet. She alerted her husband, Michael Cress, and a search revealed a second camera located above the shower in the bathroom. The cameras, which operated via Wi-Fi and could be viewed 24/7 via a phone app, also saved the footage on SD cards; upon reviewing the footage, detectives observed their neighbor, Matthew Ian Williams, who captured himself installing the cameras and moving them around and taking them in and out of the home on multiple occasions. Williams had access to the home as he often cared for their pets when they were away or working long hours. The footage went back to July 2023 and included videos of their three-year-old child while in the bathroom.

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