Maurquel ‘Keno’ McCottry jailed after fight with stepfather

26-year-old Maurquel “Keno” McCottry was arrested for domestic assault on October 16th. Officers were dispatched to Parkway Place for a call regarding a domestic dispute. McCottry spoke with officers after they arrived and told them that he went to his stepdad, Tovio Hardy’s house on Kirby Dr. to pick up his sister, Olivia Hardy, after she texted him saying she was not comfortable being in the same house as Tovio due to arguments between the two. McCottry then stated that as he arrived at Kirby Dr., Tovio met him at the door and “bucked up” on him before hitting him multiple times with a cane, leading to a physical altercation. Officers were told that McCottry had to tackle Tovio down a set of stairs to prevent him from attacking him. Olivia stated that she intervened in the scuffle but was not there to witness the initial altercation.

Officers then spoke with Tovio at Kirby, who stated that McCottry arrived at his home earlier in the night, banging on his door and demanding to know where his sister was. Tovio told officers that when he let McCottry in, he shoved him, which initiated the physical altercation. Officers were advised that Tovio was tackled down the stairs after using the cane to defend himself from McCottry. Tovio stated that abrasions on his back were sustained from the push down the steps.

Officers were unable to determine the primary aggressor, so both parties were taken into custody.

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