Deborah Neely burglarizes storage unit

30-year-old Deborah Lakiesha Neely and Sharoniece Hunter stole $4,250 worth of items from a Red Dot storage unit on Huntco Drive early on January 8th. Ms. Harrison, the owner of the burglarized unit, alerted the authorities on February 4th, advising that she had not been to her unit since January 1st. Harrison further explained that her lock had been cut and that she was missing clothes, three televisions, her birth certificate, her social security card, a king-size mattress, and various furniture items. Officers obtained footage from the Red Dot, which showed Neely, in a brown puffer jacket and a pink beanie cap, meeting with Hunter before walking to her unit. Then, they walked down the aisle near Harrison’s storage and returned carrying multiple items. Officers were notified that on January 11th, Hunter pawned one of the items taken during a different unit burglary at Easy Pawn on Fort Campbell Boulevard. Then, on February 11th, officers arrived at Red Dot for an unrelated call and met with Neely at her unit, which had the clothes she was seen wearing during the theft. Neely was taken into custody for burglary.

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