Michael Parker assaults girlfriend after drinking lots of tequila

50-year-old Michael Parker was involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, Marisa Ebersole, at Dalton Smith Court on February 21st. Officers arrived and made contact with Ebersole, who stated that Parker had physically assaulted her after drinking heavily. When Ebersole arrived at the residence, Paker became confrontational with her because she wouldn’t allow him to use her vehicle. The brief confrontation escalated when Parker forcibly ripped her keys from her bracelet. The neighbors, Hope Amanatidis and Cody Bellman, came outside to investigate the commotion that Parker was causing, and he became confrontational with them as well. Parker charged at Hope and verbally threatened her. He did the same thing to Cody, but he struck him in the chin as well. In response, Cody took Parker to the ground and detained him until law enforcement arrived. Michael Parker was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault and disorderly conduct.

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