DUI: Soldier Nathan Heinzelman blows 0.144% BAC after “four shots of Ciroc”

Clarksville Police Department Officer Atwell observed an Acura traveling northbound on Fort Campbell Boulevard doing five miles an hour under the speed limit. It having trouble staying in it’s lane, veering left and right multiple times on the morning of September 17th. Officer Atwell initiated a traffic stop at Fort Campbell Blvd. and Lady Marion Road and observed the driver driving slowly towards the shoulder, although there was no traffic to yield, and ran into a concrete curb with the passenger side tires before stopping. Atwell then asked the driver, 20-year-old-soldier Nathan Heinzelman, if he had been drinking, which he denied.

He agreed to field sobriety tests and performed poorly, then was placed in custody for driving under the influence. Heinzelman was mirandized and asked again if he had been drinking and agreed to have four shots of Cîroc. Officer Atwell read the Tennessee Implied Consent to Heinzelman and agreed to perform a breath test, which resulted in 0.144% BAC. He was charged with Underage DUI.

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