Oliver Rayford assaults ex-girlfriend numerous times, “Get off me! Please don’t kill me”

22-year-old Oliver Dewayne Rayford, an employee at NTB/Mavis Tires, was involved in a domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend, Ashiria Trusdale, at Center Pointe Dr. on November 1st. Trusdale spoke with officers at the Clarksville Police Department Headquarters and advised them that she was sleeping at her house when she was woken up by a loud bang, followed by footsteps approaching her room, and then suddenly he ran in holding a pair of scissors before lunging at her and strangling her, causing her to lose consciousness. She said he attempted to strangle her again, grabbed a pillow, and tried to suffocate her with it as she began to scream, “Get off me! Please don’t kill me!” Rayford replied by striking her in the face, leaving abrasions on her nose and jaw, before dragging her by the hair down the stairs into the living room as he continued to punch her. Trusdale was fearful for her life as she convinced Rayford to go to Wal-Mart to pick up an order to find help for her and her baby. She stated that as they arrived at Wal-Mart, he continued to hit her in the jaw, and when an employee came to drop the order off, she tried to ask them for help before he sped off. Officers confirmed that they received a call for service from Wal-Mart, correlating with her statements. Rayford was taken into custody for aggravated domestic assault.

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