Patience Carbone damages woman’s phone, bites ex-boyfriend’s nipple during dispute

25-year-old Patience Carbone was involved in a domestic dispute with her ex-boyfriend, Tyler Stark, at Whitfield Road on February 11th. Due to breaking up the day prior, Carbone went to the mentioned location to get her belongings from Stark. Carbone still owned a spare key to the apartment, and upon entering, she found a female friend of Stark’s and became furious. Carbone tossed pizza sauce on the floor, grabbed the woman’s phone, and ran outside. Stark followed her out of the house to get the phone. At some point during the incident, Carbone bit Stark, leaving a bleeding bite wound on his pectoral/nipple area. Carbone also threw the woman’s phone on the road, damaging the phone, which was valued at $1,100. Patience Carbone was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault and vandalism.

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