Ryan Rimmer assaults boyfriend during argument over family issues

38-year-old Ryan James Rimmer had a domestic altercation with his boyfriend, Jorge Luevano, near North 2nd Street late January 28th. Officers responded to a possible crash involving a blue Toyota Tacoma and spoke with Luevano when they arrived. Luevano advised officers that he and Rimmer had argued about family issues on returning from Springfield. Then, when they were driving on Madison Street, Rimmer struck him in the mouth with an open palm. Rimmer hit him on the head two more times as they went down University Avenue. When the altercation ended on North 2nd Street and Georgia Ave, Luevano stopped his vehicle, and Rimmer exited the truck. Luevano then alerted the authorities, providing them with Rimmer’s description. Officers located Rimmer, who denied the allegations that Luevano made. Rimmer was taken into custody for domestic assault.

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