Two women attempt to fill fake ‘Sizzurp’ prescriptions at multiple pharmacies across town

21-year-old Desiree Gulley and 27-year-old Douvosier Dana Vallier went to a half-dozen pharmacies across the city on January 19th, attempting to fill multiple fake prescriptions for ‘Sizzurp’ aka lean (Promethazine And Codeine). Andy’s pharmacy was their first attempt that day, and the pharmacist alerted the police after he verified the prescription was fake. When he was verifying that prescript, the ladies made their way to Town and Country Pharmacy, then Medicine Shoppe, and Sango Pharmacy – all of which called the police to report the forgery. Officers were eventually able to conduct a traffic stop as they left one of the stores and caught them with a bottle of lean and multiple blank scripts and paper with doctors’ signatures, along with a bag of marijuana. The bond for each was set at $80,000.

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