DUI: Donta Daniel loses control of motorcycle after having “a shot” before driving

29-year-old Donta Daniel was seen on a Harley Davidson FLT at 101st Division Parkway on March 17th. The Harley Davidson was found crashed between Trenton Road and the Wilma Rudolph Boulevard overpass. Daniel was found seated on a roadway nearby. Officers made contact with Daniel and noticed a strong odor of alcohol as they approached him. Daniel stated that a vehicle ran or almost ran into him, causing him to crash. However, three witnesses informed the officer that they saw Daniel lose control of his motorcycle just before the crash. None of the witnesses corroborated the events that Daniel said happened. Shortly after, Daniel was asked to perform a sobriety test and agreed. After performing poorly, Daniel stated that he had not had anything to eat and had a “shot.” Daniel was then taken into custody. During a search of Daniel, three Bud Light Platinum bottle caps were found along with one “twist off” Coors Light bottle cap in his motorcycle vest. Officer Goodall found three Bud Light Platinum beers among the motorcycle wreckage and observed that they “were still cold to the touch.” Donta Daniel was transported to Booking, where he was charged with driving under the influence.

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