Shambria Hawk assaults husband until he “curled up into a ball”

36-year-old Shambria Hawk was jailed on October 31st after assaulting her husband on Cavalier Drive. The victim stated that he attempted to have a conversation with his wife when he noticed she was recording him with her phone. He took her phone, and she tried to get it back by force. The victim stated that as they struggled over the phone, his wife tried to grab his neck, scratching both sides in the process. The victim managed to get out of the house temporarily and take a walk around the block. He stated that he ended up curling up into a ball because she hit him multiple times all over his body until he eventually gave her phone back. Shambria corroborated the statements about her phone, and when asked about the scratches on her husband’s neck, she stated that they probably came from the struggle over the phone as she has long nails. The two have no prior domestic history.

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