Shania Bibby assaults boyfriend after he refuses to watch daughter while she goes to party

23-year-old Shania Bibby was jailed on December 24th for assaulting her boyfriend on Flatrock Road. Travon Hatcher stated Shania was trying to get him in trouble. She wanted him to watch their daughter while she attended a Christmas party, but he refused, so she started pinching his legs while he was holding their child. Travon told Shania to leave, but she refused, so Travon placed the child in her car seat. Shania got angry and started punching him until he grabbed her to stop her. Once Shania calmed down, Travon let her go, and she began yelling again. The arguing woke Travon’s mother, Tequawn Medaris, who came downstairs and told Shania to leave her home. Before leaving, Shania threw a hairclip at Travon, which broke on the floor near the front door. She also grabbed a pair of scissors, pointed them at Travon, and then cut his phone charger. Police observed scratches on Travon’s arms and determined Shania to be the primary aggressor. Shania Bibby was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault and vandalism. The couple also have a previous history of domestic assault.

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