Laura Bruyneel assaults boyfriend after finding out he had been talking to another woman

23-year-old Laura Eve Bruyneel had a domestic altercation with her boyfriend, Blake Rogers, at their Smithson Lane apartment on the morning of March 24th. When officers arrived, they spoke with the complainant, who told them that the couple had left with their child in a gray Chevy Silverado.

Officers located them and conducted a traffic stop near Pea Ridge Road and 101st. Bruyneel told the officers that she kept Rogers’s phone away from him after she found him messaging another female and pushed him to the ground when he tried to get his phone back. When Rogers spoke to the officers, he stated that Bruyneel grabbed him by the neck and scratched him when he tried to walk away, leaving scratch marks on the back of his neck. Bruyneel corroborated his statements and then was taken into custody for domestic assault.

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Soldier Shawndarious Thompson drag races down Fort Campbell Boulevard in front of police

31-year-old Shawndarious Thompson was seen racing his red Chevrolet Camaro against a white Ford Explorer at Fort Campbell Boulevard on March 14th. Officers observed Thompson’s Camaro going way above the posted speed limit of 45mph. While racing with the Explorer, the Camaro was measured driving at 102mph. The Camaro then stopped at the intersection of Fort Campbell and Jack Miller Boulevard, where a traffic stop was conducted. When officers made contact with Thompson, he stated that he was purposely racing the white Ford Explorer. Shawndaridus Thompson was taken into custody and charged with drag racing.

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