Tatiyana Payton charged with firing gun when boyfriend won’t let her inside – $50K bond

22-year-old Tatiyana Payton was jailed Mar 9th for firing a handgun out of anger when her boyfriend wouldn’t let her into his home. Jayvis Hall and Ms. Payton have dated on and off for three years. Payton went to Hall’s house on Morningside Drive to grab some of her things, but he wouldn’t let her into his home. He spoke to her through the door while she stood on the porch. Ms. Payton pulled out a small black handgun and waved it around while arguing back and forth with her boyfriend. She told him she wasn’t “messing around,” and she was going to “count to three.” Shortly after, Hall heard gunshots from outside his door, and he went further away from the door, inside of his home.

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